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Wärtsilä can offer a range of different courses and ways of doing training. The courses can be carried out as onboard/on site on the actual equipment, in classrooms with extensive use of computer simulators or as e-learning courses, each type with its advantages.

Onboard / On site training

Onboard / On site training

Training on the actual system onboard or on site enables the students to familiarize with the equipment, components and normal operation. However, due to the systems operational mode, the possibility for the students to try out the different operations may vary. This also applies for the training on handling of critical situations and alarms.

Training classroom

Onshore / classroom courses

Most of our courses today are arranged as classroom courses with extensive use of computer based training simulators. Each participant will have their own simulator during the course. This allows the student to become familiar with operation of the system and also to be more confident in case of a critical situation.

Training elearning


E-learning is an efficient way to obtain knowledge, and all you need is a computer with internet connection. The e-learning is available over the internet whenever you are when you need it. E-learning is not suitable for all subjects, but can with advantage be used to obtain theoretical knowledge and understanding. E-learning can also be used as part of a training program in combination with practical hands-on training.

The instructor has great influence on the success of the course. Our highly qualified instructors have experience from different systems, commissioning, service, gas trials etc, in addition to experience from teaching.

We can also arrange workshops with one ore more of our experienced experts attending, provide Start-up Assistance ensuring safe and efficient operation of the systems for new equipment or operators etc. Please contact us so we can find the best solution for your training needs.