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Efficient operation of Cargo Handling Systems

Last week Hamworthy Oil & Gas Systems visited Solvang's Officers Conference in Stavanger talking about cargo handling systems and efficient operation of theese in order to keep power consumtion and need for service at a minimum.    

Per Jonny Røsand, Hamworthy service engineer and instructor, is talking about efficient operation of cargo handling systems.

Efficient operation of LPG end LEG cargo handling systems where subject when Hamworty visited Solvang's annual officers conference last week. There are several elements to be taken into account when focus is to keep fuel consumption at a minimum and at the same time maintaining cargo temperature and tank pressure at an acceptable level. Our service engineers have experienced different ways of operating the cargo handling systems from visiting many vessels from different shipowners, and gave the participants some tips that we beleive can be useful. Solvang's officers also contributed with their experience and made this session a very useful discussion.